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Business Conference
Abstract Background

MeshlyAI is your personal networking assistant. Keep track of conversations and new connections. AI generates reminders and suggestions.

Be the person that always texts back

Never lose opportunities by losing a connection!

Business Conference
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Reinventing Networking 

Pre-register for the Alpha launch of MeshlyAI, the ultimate networking assistant. Experience advanced features like conversation management, AI-generated follow-up reminders, and intelligent network management. Unlock endless networking opportunities with the power of Networking AI.


Don't miss out on staying connected and seizing valuable opportunities!



More Coming Soon!

Keep Track of Important Conversations

Meshly AI keeps track of conversations with new and existing contacts. It reminds users to followup with new contacts, respond to messages, and stay connected. 

Who Do I Need to Contact Today?

The MeshlyAI algorithm will curate a daily message queue based on user-set preferences. 

AI Message Suggestions

AI generates message suggestions and rephrases

How the App Works


Alpha Version Integrates Email and SMS

AI orders messages based on a number of circumstances including time since contact, the content of messages, notes made by user, and tags, there are 3 standard tags and unlimited custom tags user can create

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Notes Example

If user creates note: Contact in 2 months about a potential job, the AI will remind 2 months from the date of the note 

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Our Story

Created out of Necessity 

I was struggling to keep up with all my contacts. Networking for a job I met with hundreds of people and lost so many opportunities to missed emails, forgotten responses, missed meetings. 

I decided there needs to be a better way then manually imputing contacts into a spreadsheet from across all different platforms

Coming Soon

Download Available August 2023 

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